Women's Microfinance Initiative

Woman smiling with a boy


The Offbeat Co. is proud to share that in honor of Mother's Day and mothers everywhere, we will be donating 10% of all May sales to Women’s Microfinance Initiative.


Women’s Microfinance Initiative (WMI) is an incredible organization that was started in 2007 by a group of businesswomen in Maryland who felt a collective pull to empower women in another part of the world by increasing access and education to financial resources. In searching for a place for their vision to take root, the women found connection with the Buyobo Women’s Association of widows in Uganda and traveled there in early 2008 to select their first group of loan recipients.


The first round of 20 loans ranged in size from just $50-$150, but it was enough to allow these select women in the rural area of Uganda to start businesses in various industries. Loan repayments were put back into the organization, which has kept growing since.


Now 16 years later, WMI has grown to nearly 80,000 loans issued to women across rural areas of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. To date, over $10 million has been given out as loans, of which 90% of recipients are mothers.


These nominal loans not only allow women to begin, expand, or master their businesses, but these initial investments have also kickstarted momentum of all kinds within these rural communities. Infrastructure has been built, community programs launched, and on a household level, the impact of WMI has increased standards of living as well as families’ access to healthcare and education.


WMI is living proof that a little investment in the right places can create a flywheel effect of the best kind. We are so honored to share their story with you, and we look forward to supporting their impactful efforts through raising money for them this Mother’s Day season.


As part of your buying experience at The Offbeat Co. this May, you can expect that 10% of your purchase will go directly back to WMI to fund future microloans for women in the rural areas of Africa they serve.


To learn more about the Women’s Microfinance Initiative, click here.