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Vintage Pitcher

Vintage Pitcher

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This vintage pitcher, made by Hall China, is perfect for everyday serving of juice, water or cocktails. The no-ice pour spout in this vintage pitcher creates a smooth pour without allowing ice cubes, fruit, or other mix-ins through. If this teal color is in your home’s palette, display this colorful piece in your hutch or on your counter when it’s not in service to enhance the aesthetics of your space.


DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: This vintage pitcher is made by Hall China between 1930-1970 (based on the type of logo printed on its bottom) and holds 48 fl. oz. Hall China is known for being durable, nonporous, and doesn’t craze (i.e. produce fine lines or cracks over time). This vintage pitcher was found in a vintage shop in Colorado Springs.


+ SIZE: 48 fl. oz. capacity. 8” long x 3” wide x 8” tall; handle opening is approx. 1” wide and 5 long; hole to fill pitcher is approx. 3” long x 2” wide; pour spout is approx. 0.5” long x 1” wide


+ MATERIAL: Ceramic





+ ABOUT THE OFFBEAT CO.: The Vintage Club Collection from The Offbeat Co. was born from the belief that a well-styled home requires some unique items with history and patina. All items in this collection have been carefully sourced by the owner, Julie, from vintage, antique, consignment, and thrift shops to provide you the selection you need to complete your home, and saving you the trouble of having to hunt for them yourself.

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